Carbon Price - Veteran Community

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Posted By: John Verhelst
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Date Posted: Thu, 5 Jan 2023

Around 350,000 in the veteran community will benefit from a package of additional payments that will assist with the cost of living impact of a price on carbon.

A nine month up-front advance lump sum will be paid in June 2012 called the Clean Energy Advance.

In March 2013, ongoing supplement will be paid, with a choice of either fortnightly or quarterly payment called the Clean Energy Supplement.

All service pensioners (full and part), disability pensioners and war widow(er)s will receive both the Clean Energy Advance and the Clean Energy Supplement.

Assistance for service pensioners and war widow(er)s will be calculated on 1.7% of the maximum rate of service pension or widow(er)'s pension.

Assistance for General Rate disability pensioners, including those receiving less than 100% of the General Rate, will be calculated on 1.7% of the General Rate of disability pension under the VEA.

Assistance for beneficiaries receiving an Above General Rate of disability pension (Special Rate, Intermediate Rate or Extreme Disablement Adjustment) will be calculated on the basis of 1.7% of the payment being received.

Veterans on a disability pension and service pension receive both payments.

Payments will also be made to:

  • o Wholly Dependent Partners and Permanent Impairment payees under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004
    o Partner service pensioners who receive Family Tax Benefit
    o Veterans and their partners in receipt of the Seniors Supplement
    o Children of veterans and members receiving payments under the VCES or MRCAETS
    Veterans not receiving income support or seniors supplement may benefit through the tax system.
Download the complete document here