Felt like I was Mary Poppins with the wind blowing down George Street. WE nearly took off. Anyway the smart ones learn and next year will see some of the younger guys at the back of our D&E march at the front. You guessed it, holding the flag.

Initially only two of us were at the assembly point about 10.30AM however by start of actual march, we had about 15 guys all enjoying themselves along the route. A lovely, yet windy day in Sydney and a few (100,000)people cheering us all on.

Went down to Phillips Foote afterwards for a drink or three and a few of the guys came along. Early home to relax. All in all a most enjoyable day and the D&E/HQCoy banner will be in Sydney again next 25 April. In the meantime it lives in my garage in Sydney.

John Verhelst


Carrying on what has now become a tradition for HQ 1 ATF Vic. Branch, a small but select group of about 12 of us (including a couple of first-timers) marched again this year under our distinctive "Red Rat" banner - sandwiched, as usual, between AATTV and the "Tankies" in the order of march!

Notwithstanding a pretty ordinary weather forecast for the day, the rain & other nasties held off until well after the march was over and most of us were all well settled in at Bell's Hotel for lunch & accompanying refreshments. Once again we welcomed "Woody" Woodberry from the West who marched with us and it was also particularly pleasing to see several grandchildren join in and march with our group for part of the way - how time marches on!

As has been well publicised, next year's reunion is to be held in W.A. and with Woody spruiking the delights of the West in store for us, there was a high level of interest expressed by the marchers in committing to going along to Bussellton in November 2010. All who attended had an enjoyable day and we remain committed to offering the opportunity to all Victorian HQ1ATF members to march as a unit on Anzac Day - we hope to see everyone who turned up and many more at next year's march.


Ian Palfery

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