This Page contains links to a number of detailed alphabetical listings of Vietnam veterans casualties, including those who were posted to Head Quarters 1st Australian Task Force (HQ 1 ATF). The listings cover all known HQ 1ATF casualties, a complete listing of Australian casualties, listings of their final resting place, and also a list of those who have passed away since their return from South Vietnam.

In publishing this list in this manner, we offer the greatest respect to all next-of-kin and loved ones of deceased veterans, and apologise for any grief publication of the list may cause. However, as successive Governments over many years have tended to ignore the sad effects of war, we feel it is important to ascertain and classify causes of death for Vietnam Veterans. We do not show Causes of Death in our listings, out of respect and consideration to families and loved ones.

The list is as complete as we have been able to make it, and presently contains over 320 names from HQ 1ATF.

However, there may still be names missing.

All records are checked against the latest on-line version of The Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans (NRVV). Whilst endorsing this, it is also acknowledged that the on-line Roll is known to still contain errors and omissions, even in its present form.

Entries have also been included from former members of the Company who have indicated that particular mates have died and whose service details in the current VV Roll are incorrect. For example, where a member did two tours and only the first is shown in the VV Roll, (which does not indicate that member actually served in HQ Company), then his name is included with service details of the second tour.

If a member served in multiple units during his tour of duty, all units are shown in the chronological order that the member served in those units. Also if a member did more than one tour of duty to South Vietnam then all tours, usually two, have been shown. We have made no exceptions to this rule.

Where Awards and Decorations are known, these have been included.

Rank listed is the rank as reported to us and can be the rank a particular person held in South Vietnam during their tour.

Please contact us if you have any information at all that may help to make this list more complete and accurate.

You are also asked to help publicise the existence of this list through by any means; e-mail, web site links, and publication in magazines and journals to enable maximum coverage in Australia.

We would like to thank Eddie Tricker for his continuing effort in keeping this list updated. Eddie has researched to ensure that the listings are as accurate as is humanly possible. As mentioned above, errors found in entries of Head Quarters, 1st Australian Task Force personnel on this data base have been corrected to the best of our ability and available information.

Please note ... these are large files, so downloading will take some time.

This page was last updated on 5 March 2022
May They Rest In Peace