Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk - Seymour

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Posted By: John Verhelst
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Date Posted: Sat, 7 Jan 2023

The Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk in Seymour is being constructed to be a place of remembrance and reflection for Vietnam Veterans and their families.

We have at this stage completed the replica Luscombe Bowl, used here as an interpretive centre, and have a Memorial Cairn set in engraved pavers in the forecourt.

We have secured a Centurion Tank and have applied for M2A2 Howitzers, an Iroquois helicopter and M60 door guns, and a Long Tan Cross is being constructed to be set in the Plantation. These will be placed in areas to give the best aesthetic effect. In July we will be planting Spotted Gum trees in plantation style and the grasses to represent rice paddies.

The Commemorative Walk Project group is at the stage of putting out tenders for the design and construction of the Walls with the names of all who served in Vietnam and the DVA are giving us access to the Nominal Roll.

What we need is to have the roll checked for the names.

We need to know if there is anyone in our system that does not want his or her name on the walls.

One of the conditions placed on us is to make sure there is no one on the roll that doesn't want to be there, and that everyone that went there and want to be part of it is named. This information is available under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI).

We need to know that all is above board by Anzac Day.

The walls will have a sign indicating that the information contained on them is accurate as of 30th April 2012 and any alterations will be acknowledged as an addendum at a date to be set into the future.

Responses to Ross Gregson
(03) 57923227 / 0417 973 573

Peter Bright
Victorian State Branch (VVAA)
03 9747 8125
0438 597 932